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Nature Tokens

All Are Welcome

Hunter Liguore's life motto is 'respect for differences.' Her writing seeks to create a dialogue that promotes understanding our shared humanity, as an alternative to discrimination and hate. She's writing for the next generation of readers who care about the world.​

Recent Highlights

Image by Cristina Gottardi

Hunter Liguore

Walk softly. Carry a big heart.

My effort in the world is to walk soft and gentle, especially after walking so many years harshly. To 'walk softly' implies both a gentle physical step that is present and aware, enough to observe the snail on my path, or to pass a fawn undisturbed; it is also an inward awareness of being gentle and soft in every thought, which then carries outward into every action. 


So whether I'm writing, teaching, cooking, traveling, or speaking and engaging others, I'm doing so fully aware that I'm part of the compassion and peace possible in the world.


The more we observe this, the more we can catch the moment of our own disruption or discord, and offer instead love and gentleness. 

Image by Robert Collins

Watch Clouds. Read a book. Join the Adventure.

Kick back in your hammock with a good book. Read, reflect, and savor the present moment. Watch clouds. Grow. Gain knowledge. Go on a new adventure. Join Hunter Liguore's community of dedicated readers.

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