Hunter Liguore

Thanks You

The following audio was made especially for you, to share the prologue from Disintegrating Angels. I wanted to lend my voice to the project, to share what I'm passionate about, and to allow you to hear it in a new way, in order to get even more excited about it! As you endeavor to undertake the novel, please know it wasn't written in a month, but cultivated over many years, through careful rumination. It is in many ways, my lived-experience, my journey--and with it, all that I was asked to carry. I needed to be brave to write it. I will need an equally brave advocate to carry it forward on the next leg of the journey. 

In light, love, and joy, HL


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Disintegrating Angels

The truth is powerless to save you.


Two sisters fake a car wreck to escape an abusive parent—only one ends up murdered and the other wakes in a psychiatric ward trapped with the killer. visitors.


"Life is very simple; it’s not a grand affair, but a tiny celebration lived a moment at a time, knitted by those who’ve lived and loved and dreamed and laughed and sang their song. That’s what the flowers were for, Jamie, not Dovey, not the old woman’s lost love, but for the bursting celebration that she’d witnessed in the loss, the recognition that life is not so much short, but transferring great love to us, and rather than be blind to it, we can wield it, and share with others.” Chaplain Preta