Coming Spring, 2022

Hidden Warrior

For 2500 years, Sun Tzu's Art of War has been perceived by the world as a military treatise and tactical how-to guide for waging war on a battlefield. But what if it had a different purpose, one meant for individuals, solely for the intent of waging a war on the wandering, distracted mind?

A New Story for a New Generation


Hidden Warrior: The Gentle-Way of Sun Tzu’s Art of War offers readers the wisdom of the gentle walk that Sun Tzu taught, one that lives in harmony with the world—the ‘battle’ Sun Tzu writes about isn't on battlefield, but the fight for control over the mind and the thoughts that rule it.


Readers of Hidden Warrior can potentially learn how to ‘conquer’ the mind through direct-experiences, while learning to see the frailty and oneness in all people. 


To this end, we can each uncover our ‘hidden’ warrior and engage the root of conflict (or war) that begins ‘within.’ By creating peace inwardly, we can bring harmony to the world, as Sun Tzu originally intended.