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*My only 'accomplishment' in LIFE is to be a kind, gentle soul in the world, and as a writer, to write, so what follows is for the entity who needs these societal measures to weigh a person.


Hunter's LGBTI-led screenplay, Everlife, has earned 18 festival & contest global wins, including 'Best Feature Screenplay' at the LIFFT INDIA FILMOTSAV WORLD CINEMA FESTIVAL Dec. 22, 2019 and 'Best Screenplay in the PRIX ROYAL SCREENPLAY AWARDS, FRANCE, April 29, 2020. 

Hunter's historical novel, Disembodied Spirits, has won 3rd place in the Forever Yours 'All Voices, All Loves,' contest, Dec 2019, sponsored by Grand Central/HarperCollins. 

Hunter's nature writing is part of the current exhibit at the Beinecke Library at Yale University called, “Preserving Land and Legacy: Writers and Artists Connecting to Nature at Edwin Way Teale’s Trail Wood.”

Several craft essays, including, "Words Melt Away," and "The Ultra-Novelist," are available to read on the Science Fiction Writers of American website. 


Hunter Liguore holds advance degrees in history and writing. Some areas of research and concentration in history includes: modern Irish history, with an emphasis on the work of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, John Hume, whom she's had the opportunity to meet and study with; African enslavement in the Americas; and the history of technology. Some areas of research and concentration in writing includes: creative nonfiction; screenwriting; writing for young people; and social science fiction, with an emphasis on the work of Orwell, Zamyatin, and Rand. You can read her article about the ways these authors influenced each other here


Hunter teaches creative and professional writing (e.g., fiction, nature writing, non-fiction, screenwriting, business writing), for all age levels, at several universities in New England. Her classes are known for being writer-focused, energetic and modern, often debunking old and tired writing mantras. Further, she ensures her students leave with several pieces to expand on. Some favorite classes include, 'Writing Nature Where You Are,' 'The Book: From Idea to Publication,' and 'Social Justice Writing.' She was recently awarded the 'Alumni Achievement Award' by Lesley University, in recognition of her outstanding professional achievements, devotion to her career, ardent support for her students’ creative ambitions.


Hunter is an award-winning author, garnering over 300 publications and multiple awards worldwide, including four Pushcart-Prize nominations for fiction. Some places to read her work include: Spirituality & Health MagazineOrionMagazine, Anthropology and Humanism, Irish Times, Bellevue Literary Review, The Writer Magazine, The Writer's Digest Poet's Market, Great Plains Quarterly,  The Master's Review, Among Animals 2 and Writing  For Animals (Ashland Creek Press). She won First Place in the Ethnographic Fiction competition sponsored by the American Anthropological Association, for her story, "Court of Last Resort." To become a patron and participate in her monthly short story reading club and community, please visit:



Novels/ Screenplays

She is the editor-in-chief of the Mary Shelley tribute anthology, The Last Man: Tales of Catastrophe, Disaster, and Woe, featuring such luminaries as Ray Bradbury and Barry Malzberg. Her novella, L'utimo Orso Polare has been translated and published in Italy, 2018. A long-time screenwriter, she has several scripts under option or production with notable industry professionals. Her social sci-fi screenplay, Everylife, is an 18-time festival winner and finalist 2019/2020. She is currently at work on a horror screenplay for an notable industry professional. For more information on available books and screenplays, please visit: Watching Clouds.

To learn more about Hunter's philosophies, please visit here.

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