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Changing the world one story at a time


Changing the world one script and film at a time

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L'ultimo Orso Polare

A Realistic Look at the Future

A story told through the portrayal of an estranged father and daughter searching for reconciliation, amid witnessing the final living moments of the last polar bear. A story of hope and redemption; a reminder of the precious moments we have to live fully, in the here and now. 

Translated by Maria Vittoria Sarnelli

"A story that speaks to our soul. Sumptuous."

Joe Macario, best-selling author of Blackrama



An aspiring writer, aided by a charismatic theater professor, breaks away from the nonstop televised show that controls every aspect of society in order to discover there’s more to life and love beyond the scripted show.


Why it's Important Now

Everylife conceptualizes the social discussion on what it means for us to talk and engage one another face-to-face, which often seems lost in a distracted, cellphone, Internet, streaming world, while also making room to widen our circle of friends to include ‘all’ people, even those who are different from us.


Everylife offers flexibility with casting to maximize on diversity. Includes characters that are LGBT; gender non-conforming and gender diverse; multicultural; differently-abled; disabled; indigenous; generational; depicts ‘every life.’

*8-time festival winner/finalist 2018/19

Holiday Screenplays

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