Love is not a distraction.

Everylife is a 120-minute revelatory near-future romance that conceptualizes the social discussion on what it means for us to talk and engage one another face-to-face, which often seems lost in a distracted, cellphone, Internet, streaming world, while also making room to widen our circle of friends to include ‘all’ people, even those who are different from us.


Logline—Grieving for the death of her mother, Kai Mado enters a once-in-a-lifetime contest to become a writer for Every Life, a nonstop, televised show, infiltrating all of society. Aided by a charismatic, theater professor (Ashland Baile), the only one immune to Every Life—and secretly going blind—Kai is propelled into a simulated world where she must choose between Every Life or risk her chance at true love. 

Image by Jez Timms


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