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Great Adventures

Get ready for vast vistas through time, space, philosophy, history and genre!

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When Dragons Fall

A traditional Viking wedding between young lovers on Midsummer's Eve is interrupted when the dragons begin to fall! A must-read for the dragon enthusiast. A timely allegory for the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombings. 

Dnieper Pass.jpg

Dnieper Pass

"Guns, sabres, heroes, damsels in distress, shootouts. Everything you'd ever want in a western."—Rope and Wire Magazine.

Set against the rugged western frontier of the Cossacks, the story of two brothers who fight against a corrupt landlord to protect their family and farm. 

Lost City of the Mayan.jpg

Lost City of the Mayan

A skeleton, a missing explorer, a lair no one has returned from. Join archaeologist Dr. Wainwright solve one of the world's greatest unexplained time-traveling mysteries.


Fires Between Us.jpg
Longer Adventure

Coming Soon

Details Under-wraps!

Untouchable (1).jpg
Contempory Adventure


One action, with innumerable consequences. A woman tasked with the monumental decision of whether or not she will infect a remote village with a deadly virus, which will ultimately decimate it. 

L'ultimo orso polare_edited.jpg


Can we offer forgiveness in the next moment? What do we do with the fleeting moments passing swiftly? How do social constructs commodify our experiences, to the point that they often seem bought and sold? Would you make the

same choices?

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