Great Adventures

Get ready for vast vistas through time, space, philosophy, history and genre!

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A traditional Viking wedding between young lovers on Midsummer's Eve is interrupted when the dragons begin to fall! A must-read for the dragon enthusiast. A timely allegory for the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombings. 

When Dragons Fall

Dnieper Pass.jpg

"Guns, sabres, heroes, damsels in distress, shootouts. Everything you'd ever want in a western."—Rope and Wire Magazine.

Set against the rugged western frontier of the Cossacks, the story of two brothers who fight against a corrupt landlord to protect their family and farm. 

Dnieper Pass

Lost City of the Mayan.jpg

A skeleton, a missing explorer, a lair no one has returned from. Join archaeologist Dr. Wainwright solve one of the world's greatest unexplained time-traveling mysteries.


Lost City of the Mayan

Details Under-wraps!

Coming Soon

Untouchable (1).jpg

One action, with innumerable consequences. A woman tasked with the monumental decision of whether or not she will infect a remote village with a deadly virus, which will ultimately decimate it. 


Perfect for any stormy night or secluded campfire. Contains the spooky trio: The Headstone of Hezikiah Bronson; End of the Hall; and Jar of Spiders. 

3 Tales of Horror

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