"Believe, even when no one else believes."


Writing for the next generation of readers who care about the world.

All are welcome.

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About Me

Walking Softly, Carrying a Big Heart

Hunter's life motto is 'respect for differences.' Her writing seeks to create a dialogue that promotes understanding our shared humanity, as an alternative to discrimination and hate. 

Hunter Liguore is an award-winning writer, screenwriter, and compassionate artist and human rights advocate. Her work has been received internationally, including her screenplay, Everylife, a 25-time global winner. Her work, Equanimity, is part of the ‘Anthems’ podcast series produced by director Hana Walker-Brown, in partnership with Sony Entertainment. Her children's book, The Whole World in Nan's Soup, is available from YeeHoo Press, Aug. 24, 2021; North Atlantic Books is publishing Hidden Warrior: The Gentle-Way Through Sun Tzu's Art of War, spring 2022. She's currently at work on her novel, The Mountain Hero, which focuses on loving-kindness in the wake of human trafficking and is forthcoming. 

She is a gentle advocate for living in harmony with the natural world and with one another. When you support her work, you are partaking in an equal exchange that supports compassion and peace in the world. Additionally, she's pledged 1% of book sales to the preservation and restoration of urban wildlife and habit in her region. 


All are welcome.

Temples in Sunseet


My effort in the world is to walk soft and gentle, especially after walking so many years harshly. To 'walk softly' implies both a gentle physical step that is present and aware, enough to observe the snail on my path, or to pass a fawn undisturbed; it is also an inward awareness of being gentle and soft in every thought, which then carries outward into every action. 


So whether I'm writing, teaching, cooking, traveling, or speaking and engaging others, I'm doing so fully aware that I'm part of the compassion and peace possible in the world.


The more we observe this, the more we can catch the moment of our own disruption or discord, and offer instead love and gentleness. (Read more)



I write about the ugly, dark places that no one wants to go or look at, and I do it because my life experience has been informed by it. In my own evolution, as a person and a writer, I’ve come to understand it. To understand it—violence, darkness—is then to be able to dismantle it and translate it for others so it is not so scary—so that as a people we can get around it and past it. If I can, so can everyone.


My gift is to write about dark subjects truthfully, while also showing there’s hope. Even in the darkest times, there is always a glimmer of hope—and love, yes, it’s there. The secret of the darkness is that love is also coinciding.





Watching Clouds

Kick back in your hammock with a good book. Read, reflect, savor the present moment. Watch clouds. Grow. Gain knowlege. Go on a new adventure. Won't you join Hunter Liguore's community of dedicated readers?

L'ultimo orso polare_edited.jpg

In Translation

Now Available in Italy!

"A story that speaks to our soul. Sumptuous." -Joe Macario, best-selling author of Blackrama


A tale of hope and redemption; a reminder of the precious moments we have to live fully, in the here and now. ​

Available in Italy.

Tran. by Maria Vittoria Sarnelli

Dark Blue and Gold Cute Memoir_Inspirati

Ready for an Adventure?

Scif-fi, Fantasy, Historica, Fun!

Reading takes the spirit of a warrior. If that’s you, then you’re in the right place. There is something for every type of reader: fantasy, magical realism, sci-fi, western, historical, teen and more. So buckle in and let's set sail together on a brand new voyage!

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See the Future

25-time festival/contest winner!

EVERYLIFE conceptualizes the social discussion of what it means for us to talk and engage one another face-to-face, which often seems lost in a distracted, cellphone, Internet, streaming world, while also making room to widen our circle of friends to include ‘all’ people, even those who are different from us.



Real person. Will respond timely. 

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