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A Human Traffic-Free Food Chain

Human Traffic-Free Food Certification Initiative

A Proposal for Global Discussion

Ending human trafficking in the US or global food chain, can be made possible through a farm certification program similar in scope as Fair-Trade or Organic labeling. The following information examines a step-by-step formula for implementing a farm certification program that would create a checks-and-balances system to ensure no humans are being enslaved.

I will attempt to show how certifying a focus area, like New England or Scotland, can establish a criteria and foothold for other farms to follow suit regionally. Further, by involving locals restaurant that rely on farm-to-table suppliers, (e.g. b-goods Restaurants in Boston), the certification labeling can become in-demand for farms to do business.


Certification criteria includes a very rigid process that includes full discloser and access to in-person interviews with farm staff and field workers, among other things.

With a Human-Traffic-Free Food Certification, responsible shoppers can then determine and depend on food products being made without the enslavement of people.

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