Old Silence Farm

Living in harmony with the natural world

When you patron my books, you're contributing and supporting urban wildlife; sustainable landscapes for wildlife; reciprocal and harmonious relationships with wildlife and the natural world; and the workshops to support sharing the experience with others, to further encourage a harmonious relationship with our natural world. In short, you're partaking in an exchange that supports the living earth and 'All Our Relations.' 


In the course of a year, I'm engaged with care-taking thousands of migrating birds and wildlife in an urban setting. It reaches the highest birds, like hawks, all the way down to the spider, ants, and creatures the human eye can't see. The whole universe is viewable, here, in reciprocal harmony, to support it: the trees, rain, sun, clouds, stars, and all the human relationships, that partake in the web of life.  

In short, we're not separate, but meeting the natural world where it meets us. We walk softly, carrying big hearts, affirmed that we're in a beautiful world, with beautiful people and other living creatures. We can honor this walk and do so here, at Old Silence Farm.

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