Getting to Know Me

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Everything you need to get to know the author, join her reading community, and support and treasure her work.


"Life is lived in each moment through 'effortless-allowing,' and meeting adversity with unconditional love for others, without exception." Visit 'philosophies' or 'about me' to learn more. 


Learn more about me through my website Please take a moment to follow and stay in touch @skytale_writer or join my Warriors Wanted Facebook group.

My Books

Join the growing community of Liguore readers enjoying and discussing my work by visiting my store and treasury of writing.

Writing Community

In-service to other writers, through community. Writing inspiration & craft essays; Warriors Wanted; Silmarillion Writing Group. Here are ten craft articles to get you started now!

The Natural World

When you patron my books, you're contributing and supporting urban wildlife; sustainable landscapes for wildlife; reciprocal and harmonious relationships with wildlife and the natural world. Learn more.

Compassionate Action

Working with you in gentle-kindness to create a future where all life is respected. Learn more.

Get in Touch

Have a question or something to share. Get in touch and share how my stories have impacted your life.

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