Hunter Liguore's

Wandering Path

Hike a trail through the woods.

Read a book.

Bask in nature's glow.

Welcome wildlife with an open heart.

Hone your empathic intuition.

Be present. Be alive. Breathe effortlessly.

Live in harmony, honoring our cyclical connection.

Join my nature classes.

Take a journey through my nature books. 


Snowy Forest

Nature's Empath

Retreat & Book

Carrying the harmony of nature to others. Book and retreats forthcoming. 

Summer Forest Glade

Mrs. West's Nature School & Press

Bringing nature indoors with a good book.

The natural world has so much to offer us as a teacher. Through good books we can learn and grow our world to include all living things. Join us for a new discovery.

Coming Soon

Kindness for All Living Things

Children's Illustrated Book

Shares with young people an appreciation for all living creatures—from the small gnat to big bears--allowing the discovery to see our amazing connection with each other.


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