Watching Clouds

Kick back in your hammock with a good book. Read, reflect, savor the present moment. Watch clouds. Grow. Gain knowlege. Go on a new adventure. Won't you join Hunter Liguore's community of dedicated readers?

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L'ultimo Orso Polare

"A story that speaks to our soul. Sumptuous." -Joe Macario, best-selling author of Blackrama

A tale of hope and redemption; a reminder of the precious moments we have to live fully, in the here and now. ​

(Tran. by Maria Vittoria Sarnelli)

Spaceship Landing on Earth

Ready for an Adventure

Reading takes the spirit of a warrior. If that’s you, then you’re in the right place. There is something for every type of reader: fantasy, magical realism, sci-fi, western, historical, teen and more. 

So buckle in and let's set sail together on a brand new voyage!

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Extraordinary Quest

Whether you like to journal, or are writing a memoir, or recording your history for your family, an Extra-Ordinary journey awaits in the stories of your life. EQ-Quest Circles available for your gathering or events. (Contact for more details)