What does your writing look like with utter trust? 

Let me show you.

Work with an award-winning writer and college professor on your book. Available for hourly or month-long mentoring sessions to support and advance your writing.

Seeking writers interested in developing their craft in order to become masterful and trusting in the stories you want to tell. Hourly sessions include 1-3 chapter manuscript edit/review, with feedback and a plan to assist you in going forward.


Interested in a month-long mentorship? As mentor, I will meet you exactly where you are on your writing path and guide you further along on the journey toward your own understanding of the craft. We'll set weekly goals, find your strengths, and grow your book. 

With time, you’ll find new strengths in your writing you never knew were there. Very soon, the words will melt away, and all that will remain is a deep knowing and trust in yourself.

All people, genres, and projects accepted.

All are welcome.


Contact for more information to arrange a book consultation, manuscript editing, or a one-one month-to-month mentorship.