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"As a writer, I’m carrying the darkness; I’m writing about the difficult, the leaden places no one wants to go or look at, because my life experience has been informed by it.


"My gift is to dismantle and translate it, so that it can be—maybe—made less scary, by revealing the concurrent existence of hope—so that as a people we can get around it and past it. If I can, so can everyone.​


"Even in the darkest times, there is always a glimmer of hope—and love, yes, it’s there. The secret of the darkness is that love is also coinciding."

~Hunter Liguore

Artisan Writer. Curious Historian. Empathetic Professor. 

Press Bio/Short

Hunter Liguore is an award-winning writer, professor, and historian, with a lifelong study in philosophy, specializing in the work of Sun Tzu. She's studied with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, John Hume (North Ireland), and has undertaken critical research in peace and social justice studies. Her books have been published in five languages and also audio; her unique writing explores interconnectedness with all people, reciprocal relationships with the natural world, and kindness and empathy for all, without exception. She’s a writing professor at Lesley University and hosts peace walks in New England. 

*Media Photo: Email for permission to print. Credit to Author

Press Bio/Long

Hunter Liguore is the award-winning author of WHOLE WORLD INSIDE NAN’S SOUP (Paterson Prize for Books for Young Readers Winner, Anna Dewdney Read Together Award Honor Book, A Celebrate the Earth Selection/SCBWI) and WHERE ARE YOU GOING, BUTTERFLY? She's studied with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, John Hume (North Ireland), and has undertaken research in peace and social justice studies. The Modern Art of War, her highly antcipated reinterpretation of Sun Tzu's Art of War is coming soon from Penguin/RH. Her unique writing explores interconnectedness with all people, reciprocal relationships with the natural world, and kindness and empathy for all, without exception. Hunter holds an MFA in Writing, with related degree work in History and Philosophy. She is a Professor of Writing at Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. A banned book collector, she can often be found roaming old ruins, hillsides, and cemeteries burying books for future generations across the globe.


With advance degrees in history and writing, Hunter's areas of critical research and specialty in history include: the work of Master Sun Tzu, modern Irish history, with an emphasis on the humanitarian work of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, John Hume (Northern Ireland), whom she's had the opportunity to meet and study with; African, Caribbean, and Indigenous diaspora and enslavement in the Americas; the 20th-century spiritualist movement (globally); and the history of technology.

Some areas of research and specialty in writing include: historical fiction, writing for young people; screenwriting; CNF; and social science fiction, with an emphasis on the work of Orwell, Zamyatin, and Rand. 

Most especially, Hunter is a lifetime learner of writing as a life-long practice, art, and craft as a way of life. She is a gentle advocate for peace and dignity for all living beings.


Hunter teaches creative and professional writing (e.g., fiction, nature writing, screenwriting, business writing), for all experience levels, at several universities in New England. Her classes are known for being writer-focused, energetic and modern, often debunking old and tired writing mantras. Further, she ensures her students leave with several pieces to expand on. Some favorite classes include, 'Writing Nature Where You Are,' 'The Book: From Idea to Publication,' 'How to Make a Ghost,' 'Realism & Surrealism,' and 'Social Justice Writing.' 

She was recently awarded the 'Alumni Achievement Award' by Lesley University, in recognition of her outstanding professional achievements, devotion to her career, and ardent support for her students’ creative ambitions.

Short Stories. Essays. Poems. Screenplays.

Recent Highlights... 


Recent Highlights... 



  • “A Touch of Harlem Gold” has been selected as a finalist in both the McGlinn Fiction Contest sponsored by Philadelphia Stories and the Portals Short Story Award sponsored by Vincent Literary Review. Publication coming in Fall 2023. 

  • “The Agony,” wins 2nd place in the Brickhouse Books LGBT+ Stonewall Chapbook Competition.

  • "Un Mot Gentil D'un Étranger" is available from Silk Road Review, fall 2024.

  • "First Principle of Peace" has been chosen as 1/4 finalists in the Great American Think-Off, spons. by the Cultural Center Debate topic: personal choice vs. social responsibility.

  • "Murder for Sale," Hunter's horror/satire on the real estate industry, is available from Mystery Magazine. 

  • "A Night at the Edwin Way Teale House," (essay) is available to read at Rock Salt New England Journal. Read now.

  • "Wild Gardens," (essay) can be read at the Heartland Society of Women, and includes an interview. Read now.


  • Book lovers, check out: One Book: What Would You Save From Being Destroyed Forever? Available at Porridge Literary Review. Read now. 

Recent Highlights


  • Hunter's poem, "​The Whole Universe” will be sent to the moon (literally), as part of The Polaris Trilogy, which will accompany the Space X flight scheduled to depart from the South Pole on Earth to the Moon, in 2024, sponsored by Brick Street Poetry.

  • Hunter has been awarded the  Artists Respond Grant for her project, "Words Melt Away," a 30-day, free, virtual writing classroom, to support writers in crisis during the initial COVID-19 outbreak, with the support of the Department of Economic & Community Development/Office of the Arts. 

Books. Podcast. Articles. Contemplative Photography.

Recent Highlights... 


  • Hunter's curated themed collections are now available in Spirituality & Health Magazine and available in print throughout 2024! Be sure to check out the Caffeines of Summer... as well as her recent article on creating a Forest Garden Apothecary. READ NOW

Recent Highlights... 


  • "Equanimity" has been produced by London director, Hana Walker-Brown as part of the ‘Anthems’ podcast series produced in partnership with Sony Entertainment. LISTEN NOW.

  • Pushcart Prize nominated, "Every Piece is Sacred," has been narrated for radio by the Lost Explorer's Club, featuring Aaron Webber. It is also available through 34 Orchard Literary Journal. LISTEN NOW.

“Simply gripping—Hunter’s writing is the type of understated horror that makes the blood run cold.”

Kristi Petersen, Editor, 34 Orchard

Recent Highlights


  • Hunter's historical novel, Disembodied Spirits, has won 3rd place in the Forever Yours 'All Voices/All Loves' contest sponsored by Grand Central/HarperCollins.

  • Praise for Disembodied Spirits--"The unique premise caught our attention and the amalgamation of the gothic paranormal and romance felt reminiscent of Simone St. James and Susanna Kearsley. This work has all the hallmarks of haunting, enticing romantic fiction." ~Forever Editorial Team/Grand Central

  • The Modern Art of War: Sun Tzu's Hidden Path of Peace & Wholeness will release in 2024, Penguin/RH. Learn more.

  • Where Are You Going, Butterfly? will release in 2025, Reycraft Books. Learn more.





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