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The Whole World in a Bowl of Soup

A rumination on our ability to recognize our interconnectedness with all people, that in order to eat a single meal, it takes the whole world to make it.


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Giver of Life

"Your Nanni would be proud!" 

A Natural Girl

Yvonne Cuneo

Findhorn Foundation Ambassador

“Reading The Whole World inside Nan's Soup and feasting on the exquisite illustrations of Vikki Zhang gives me the warmth of heart of a rich, wholesome soup. 


“Hunter Liguore lovingly brings to children an awareness of the true nature of existence—the interbeingness of life—in the simplest of ways, clearly highlighting the expansive truth that everything relies on everything else in the cosmos in order to exist. 


“Cultivating this understanding in children is an act of service and crucial for the survival of future generations. Adults would do well to read this book to their children, be reminded that no one exists independently, and act in a way that supports the web of life on our planet.  


“As the Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh says, ‘we inter-are,’ and Hunter has captured the essence of this truth—that we are all part of a symbiotic whole—in the simplest and most nourishing of ways.”


Helen Wang

Chinese Books for Readers

"A beautiful intergenerational story to warm the heart and soothe the soul." Read the author and illustrator INTERVIEW now!

Playing with Matches

Tony Abbott

Author of Secrets of Droon

"The Whole World Inside Nan’s Soup is a unique and touching celebration of our interconnectedness, introducing the reader (and little listener) page by page to the vast army of people and activities behind the making of a simple pot of soup.


"Hunter Liguore’s beautifully rhythmic prose and Vikki Zhang’s luscious illustrations take us on a true worldwide journey, ending in the most irresistible message of all. Nan’s Soup is destined to be a constant read-aloud ask, as well as an obvious kitchen favorite. This lovely book has it all!”

Playing the Flute

Julie Patterson

Mom & Former Pre-K-Grade 12 Writing Teacher

"This was such a joy to read! I felt deeply connected to the characters, easily reminded of times as a little girl in my Nana's kitchen. I shared Whole World in Nan's Soup with my 8 and 6-year-olds, and it opened the door to so many new conversations about the vegetables we grow in our garden and where vegetables in the grocery come from, a conversation I was shocked to realize we'd never had before.


"And we talked about things my mom and Nana taught me to cook. Each night at dinner, we've made an attempt to acknowledge everyone who contributed to our table. I love the way it helps us remain mindful of our connections to others, especially the people we can't see before us." 

Cartoon Bear

Tonja Drecker

Bookworm for Kids

"I can highly recommend this one. It not only presents a warm relationship, but teaches young readers about the people involved in getting soup to the table." Read the full review now!


From the Author

"The Whole World in Nan's Soup is a rumination on our ability to recognize our interconnectedness with 'all' people. It is wisdom passed down many generations through my own nanni, who understood that in order to eat a single meal, it takes the whole world to make it. 


"As our understanding of reciprocity grows, so does our empathy. The circle of life expands, as we recognize we’re not able to live without those faceless helpers, which we now honor with our thankfulness, our kindness, our understanding, our patience, and most of all, our self-responsibility that discerns: we are the root of others’ suffering when we set aside our interconnection.


"Our dinner table doesn't end at the four corners, but is reciprocal; it extends to all those faceless helpers involved with making sure we're nourished. (That's a very beautiful thing!) 

When we take the time to see 'all' people in a bowl of soup, then we can begin to see other areas of our life with the same care and unity.


"This is the wisdom shared in The Whole World in Nan’s Soup. It is a rumination we can practice through the gentle art of making soup (or any meal), and by seeing our part in nourishing and sustaining others. There are no true faceless helpers, only helpers the world-over, caring for you.


"Reciprocity (shu, 恕) is more than an intellectual understanding that I will treat others with the same respect I want to be treated. It goes deeper and implies, Who I am on the inside is the same as what is on the inside of others—and if that’s true, we can experience and discover for ourselves the delicate thread that connects all people.


"The more we see our oneness, the more each meal, each moment, becomes a celebration, and our struggle with each other falls away, and the harmony we experience within will be reflected back. "


"In doing so, when we meet others, we do so with an awareness that their suffering is our suffering, felt and experienced the same way, and through empathy, through not wanting suffering for ourselves, we will not want it for another (ji suo bu yu, wu shi yu ren 己所不欲, 勿施於人)—thus, we will seek harmony and peace in all our words, actions, and relationships.


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Thank the world for your soup. 

Thank your nan & ancestors.

Thank the sun, the moon, and the stars!

Love without ceasing.


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